Packing, packing, packing

Packing Collage

Our apartment has recently become an obstacle course. We now must weave our way through a series of boxes, deconstructed book cases, pictures, and random apartment things. I’ve also stubbed my toe more times than I can count. But we’re almost finished packing!

One of the best things about moving, though, is purging. There are too many things that have the sole purpose of either being useless in every possible way, or gathering dust.

A small sample of items that have moved onto a better place: a little plush toy of a duck sitting on a flower, a broken candle holder, a random jewelry box with each side held together with super glue (and subsequently fell apart when I opened it), gloves with holes in the fingers, and some elastic bands that were so old they crumbled.

A small sample of items that are useless and/or gathering dust but I kept anyway: my old gymnastics outfits (which make me think I was once a real-life Thumbelina), books, books, and more books (even one published in 1886!), jewelry that I swear I’ve never seen before in my life, and all my stuffed toys from my childhood that have been packed in a box for the last 8 years anyway, so why not.

Each time we move we get rid of a little more. And I always feel so much relief.

Even though I’m choking on dust and wondering if a spider will crawl across my face while I’m sleeping because I’ve disturbed it.

But not for long! Moving day is tomorrow!



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