Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary

David and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on Monday, and it was the best anniversary we’ve had thus far (and will likely be hard to beat).

First, we took the metro and a stroll to the Notre Dame. It was a fairly nice day, though a bit overcast (and windy!).



IMG_6498This was carved right into the cathedral, at the entrance. The Notre Dame is one of the few places in Paris that is free to visit (as it should be, it’s a cathedral!).

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures with a flash (although I was shocked to see how many people disregarded that request!), so a lot of the pictures of the inside are a bit blurry.


IMG_6512Amazing stained glass windows, right? The stained glass in the picture below was HUGE! 



We spent a fair bit of time inside. We sat in the pews for a long time, staring up at the magnificence of the cathedral. Truly spectacular.
IMG_6539The gargoyles were also really interesting to look at – they were so lively. So many of them were old and worn, but a lot of them were still eerily expressive.



IMG_6542Next, we were off to a boat tour on the Seine. But we had to stop and take a selfie! 


IMG_6550We walked across the Pont des Arts (a lot of people call it Padlock Bridge, or the Bridge of Love). There was a street musician playing the violin as couples attached their own locks to the bridge. IMG_6552Our view from the bridge.

IMG_6560And we’re on the boat! Still a great view.

Our boat tour didn’t see any rain, but it looked like it was going to pour at any moment! I kind of think the overcast clouds added a certain beauty to these pictures.






IMG_6582These policeman were racing across the Seine – I’m not sure where they were going, but they were getting there quickly! I waved as they drove past, and they happily waved back.

When the boat tour was over, we went for a walk and stopped in at a café. Especially because we thought it was about to rain.


It didn’t start raining yet, though. But it did get windy! David and I stopped by a clothing store to pick me up a light cardigan before we walked past this candy stand. So colourful!IMG_6588

And then we saw a statue of Diderot…

We couldn’t stop laughing – especially after David, in his awesome voice impression of a movie trailer narrator, said:

“From the creators of The Emperor’s New Groove and The Emperor’s New Clothes comes the riveting prequel we’ve all been waiting for – Diderot’s New Hat.” 

It took me a few minutes to stop laughing.

David and I decided to eat at La Petite Chaise. It’s the oldest restaurant in Paris. Here’s a little information about it:

The restaurant takes its name from the transformation of an old French word “cheze” of Latin origin, casa meaning isolated house or hamlet. The building in which the restaurant us housed dates back to 1610 and at that time was located on the “chemin de Garnelle”, (meaning “rabbit warren” in old French), now the present day rue de Grenelle.

The building classifies as an historical monument, which prohibits changes and alterations being made to its appearance. There was an iron gate on the front door which has been there from the 17th century! Pretty cool.

We both chose their fixed 36.00€ menu, which included the equivalent of an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

We both ordered six Burgundy snails in garlic butter and flavoured with anise seed as the appetizer. Amazingly delicious. If you haven’t had escargot before, you need to try it.
IMG_6591Our host was kind enough to take our picture when our main course arrived.

I ordered rabbit slow-cooked in a Dijon mustard sauce. David ordered grilled fillet of veal served with a sauce made from a “fond brun”, garlic, and shallots.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals with a couple glasses of wine from Bordeaux. IMG_6592

For dessert I knew I had to have chocolate. I ordered dark chocolate cake with a light custard cream sauce – calling it chocolate cake just doesn’t do it justice. It was layered with creamy mousse and cocoa. I was so full at this point, but I still finished all the cake and custard, without any help from David (which rarely happens).IMG_6593

David ordered crème brûlée with vanilla cream. He loved it.


We had a pretty wonderful day. And I’d highly recommend La Petite Chaise on your next (or first!) visit to Paris! 🙂

To top it all, as we exited the restaurant it started to rain.

We walked, and then ran, and then walked again, towards the metro. By the time we got inside we were both laughing and soaked through. Who knew rain could be so fun?IMG_6595A great anniversary, and I’m sure we’ll be celebrating many more together!

Though probably not in Paris.

Next year, Italy? 😉




  1. Florence Cross says:

    Live the dream. Rain in spring in Paris on your anniversary…when you are young. It does not get any more romantic.

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