Our First Week in Den Haag!

David and I travelled to, and arrived in, Den Haag on July 8 – and it was a great travelling adventure!

We booked a cab online to Gare du Nord station in Paris before getting a first-class train to Rotterdam, with a connecting train to Den Haag. We decided to pay the extra $50.00 CAD (total) for us to ride first-class. We wanted the experience (which we likely will never have in a plane!) and it was a pretty great one!

The first time around, we were offered a choice of drink (coffee, tea, wine, cola, milk, juice) and either a sweet treat, or a salty one. I got coffee and chocolate cake.


The second time around we were offered the same choice of drinks, and either a sandwich, bowl of fruit, or cake. I got a sandwich and David got a bowl of cherries. It was pretty awesome! We also had our own foot rests (I’m short so foot rests are a big deal).

The train moved so fast, everything was a blur when we looked out the window. It made me feel a bit queasy, actually, so I refrained from looking out the window very much.

Before we knew it, we were in Rotterdam! Waiting for our connecting train to Den Haag (it was about a 15 minute train ride from Rotterdam to Den Haag).

IMG_7476David stood by all of our luggage. I kind of feel like we brought too much stuff, but in reality we only brought clothes, shoes, jackets, toiletries, and our computers!


A day after we arrived in Den Haag, friends of ours from Newfoundland were travelling through and stopped to see us for the afternoon! You may remember I briefly talked about my friend Bethany’s wedding in a summer update last year.

I didn’t get many pictures from our short time together in Holland, but it was a great afternoon!

Stained glass inside the Grote Kerk in Den Haag
The Binnenhof in Den Haag
Me and my long-time friend, Bethany sitting at a water fountain outside the Binnenhof.
The Ridderzaal (in English “Hall of Knights”). It is used for the state opening of Parliament on Prinsjesdag, when the Dutch monarch drives to Parliament in the Golden Carriage and delivers the speech from the throne. It is also used for official royal receptions, and interparliamentary conferences.

David and I are feeling pretty settled in Holland. I feel like we’re picking up the language much faster than in Paris, and we’re really really enjoying the cheese (of course).

David is working hard at the library here, and I also got a reading card that gives me free access to the library and its reading rooms (which is currently where I’m sitting writing this post, in a big squishy armchair!).

This weekend our best friends visited us from their home in Austria. Together we toured Den Haag, Amsterdam, and Delft! We took so many pictures and had such an amazing time.

In my next post (which will likely be a very long one!) I’ll share with you our adventures together, so stay tuned!




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