Our Crate Coffee Table!

A few weeks ago David and I decided to take a weekend to make a coffee table out of crates, an idea I got from My Anything and Everything DIY Blog.  It was an all-consuming project – just what we needed!

First, we needed crates. I was going to purchase them from Home Depot. After visiting several different Home Depots in a few hours, I found a couple but they weren’t in very good shape. Apparently they sell out very quickly, and also tend to get beat up a bit during transport.

So off I went to Michaels Craft Store! I purchased all four of them at Michaels because the store manager agreed to a price match (which ended up being more than 50% off!). I recommend using Michaels crates for this project as they seem to be better quality (they’re prettier!). The ones at Home Depot are more “workhorse” crates, whereas the ones at Michaels are specifically made for crafts. They look exactly the same online, which is why I was able to get the price match.

We chose Miniwax’s Polyshades “Bombay Mahogany” because we were going for a deep red-brown. We also decided on table legs instead of castor wheels, so we bought T-Nuts for attaching the legs.

We bought teeny tiny screws to replace the ones that came with the L brackets because the screws included were a bit too long, and we didn’t want them to poke through the wood.  We didn’t have a sander, so I took all the crates outside and sanded them by hand. It took a long time, but it was a beautiful day and ended up being very relaxing!

Overall, this product will cost you approximately $100.00 (about $85-90 if you go for the castor wheels).

I don’t have any picture from the process, unfortunately; I just didn’t think about it!

Without further ado, here’s our final product!


I was sitting back with some coffee, taking a look through one of my storytime books for tomorrow.



I think this picture most accurately represents the colour. Love the richness! We’re also really happy about choosing table legs instead of castor wheels.
Added a couple more candles for this picture :).


We’re very happy with our new coffee table! This was a really fun project and if you’re in the market for a coffee table, I recommend making this one! You can even re-arrange the crates or add more to suit your purposes!





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