Long Overdue: Our Trip to Madurodam

It’s been two weeks since my last post. Yikes!

The last couple of weeks are a bit of a blur, to be honest. We’ve visited Madurodam, Den Haag’s Gemeentemuseum, returned to Delft, visited my family again in Hilversum, explored Amsterdam, and visited with David’s family who stopped in Amsterdam for a few days. Phew. Busy busy busy! I also went to the doctor for some intense pain I was experiencing in my back and was told I had shingles!

Fortunately I didn’t develop much of a rash, but the pain was pretty horrible. I spent a few days at home with a fever, headache, and seriously bad back pain. But, I’m happy to say that it has subsided pretty quickly!

First of all, though, David and I went to Madurodam (also called Miniature City in English). We had a great time! There were mostly young families visiting, but I think it’s a park for all ages.

Madurodam – Miniature City – is a miniature park and tourist attraction in the Scheveningen district of The Hague in the Netherlands. It is home to a range of 1:25 scale model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities and large developments. The park was opened in 1952.

Without further ado, here are some pictures from our time at Madurodam!


Trains were choo-chooing all around the park. It was pretty awesome!



There were several interactive activities throughout the park, one of which was to see how much you weighed in cheese. According to this scale, I’m 1.5 cheese wheels. Don’t think that’s super accurate… I mean, I know I don’t weigh very much but less than two cheese wheels? That’s ludicrous!







I told David to pretend he was a monster attacking a city. He failed. Miserably. David, you do not make a good monster.


I think this was a representation of the liberation of Holland.




There were lots of boats on the water as well. Very cool!


I think this seagull made a more terrifying monster than David did – it was actually digging at the plants and grass.


I loved all the plants and flowers around the park as well – beautiful!



Another train track.

I also took an abnormal amount of video at the park – here are a few fun videos I think you’ll like!

A train choo-chooing around the park!

One of the few mini-factories around the park. There was also a Mars bar factory like this one. The kids loved them!

There’s a bit of an inside-joke to this video – David is quoting a lego stop-motion video he and his siblings watched when they were younger. You can check it out here, if you’re interested.

For some reason, David and I found this hilarious, and of course, we love to laugh!

Stay tuned for our adventure up the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft!


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