La Rue du Commerce

I went to the Rue du Commerce yesterday, which I’ve heard is the place to shop if you’re visiting Paris (I’ve heard this largely from fellow bloggers).

I wasn’t disappointed! I was surprised that I seemed to be the only foreigner on the street, though. It’s fairly close to the Eiffel Tower, but not so close that there are a lot of tourists. Everyone shopping was obviously Parisian, going about their daily routine. Picking up bread here, fruits and vegetables there, maybe a new pair of shoes over there. It was great to see!

David and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary on Monday, May 18th, so I knew I wanted to purchase a new dress for the occasion. In addition, my sandal straps snapped before we left and I was hoping to get a new pair. I’m happy to say I was successful on both accounts :).

Take a peak below for some pictures from my excursion!

Okay, so this picture was actually taken at the Place d’Italie metro stop. David and I had gone to Italie Deux the day before to see if there were any shoe stores. We were horribly unsuccessful – all the sandals were far too big!

Place d'Italie
I love the beautiful Spring colours in this picture!

IMG_6155Looking down one of the side streets on the Rue du Commerce.


There was a wonderful market that I stopped in at to pick up a few things. Couldn’t believe the vibrant colours.

Yeah, I wasn’t intending to pick up any cherries… but obviously I couldn’t leave without picking up some! David told me they were the best cherries he’d ever eaten :).


I went into this artisan boulangerie, as it was titled, to pick up some bread. I ended up leaving with a couple of chocolate-filled mini baguettes (not pictured). They were divine.

They had a whole assortment of goodies. I didn’t purchase anything other than those baguettes, but had to stop and get a shot of these pastries.



I also visited a cheese store. I walked in and it was like a wall of cheese smell (not all good smells, let me tell you). There were some rather fuzzy looking cheese wheels.


There was also a boucherie (butcher shop) that was crammed with people.

I stopped here for a time while I munched on my baguette. It was a really lovely little park, with a water fountain at the end and a lot of pigeons. There were also several young children playing soccer.


The two dresses I bought! I’ll be honest, most of the dresses I found were far too expensive for my practical tastes… so I ended up buying one dress (on the left) at H&M and the other dress (on the right) at Gap. Considering I purchased them where many Parisians seem to do the bulk of their shopping, I think it still counts as Parisian style ;).DressCollageA bit blurry, but oh well.

I also bought a pair of sandals in a children’s shoe store (I have really tiny feet…). I don’t think they look like children’s shoes, though. And they’re super comfortable!


So that was my first big adventure in Paris, all alone! A great success, if I do say so myself.

Stay tuned for our adventures to the Musée de l’Armee and the Eiffel Tower, coming up tomorrow, I hope! 🙂



  1. cjrvangelder says:

    Quite the adventure! Those really do count as Parisian dresses, very different colours and styles than what you could find here, look great on you! So glad you’re enjoying Paris, we hoped you would come to love it and France in general as much as we do.

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