La Laverie

Yesterday, I went to the laverie down the street. Mostly because there was a pair of pants I wore on the trip here that I really wanted to wear (who doesn’t love yoga pants?).

But well, as you can imagine after a long flight on an over-heated plane, and after having spilled food on them, they were kind of disgusting. In both appearance and smell.

There were three different machines – 4kg, 7kg, 10kg. I used the smallest one for our laundry.

Washing Machine

Okay, now that I’m looking at these pictures, it doesn’t look that confusing. But keep in mind that new things are inherently overwhelming.

The pictures were fairly helpful, but I couldn’t figure out where to put the detergent. Nor could I figure out how to pay.

Unfortunately, my usually-successful strategy of pressing buttons until something happens was not working. After a couple minutes of staring and mumbling “hmm, interesting” (which, by the way, was a lie because nothing interesting happened, regardless of the number of buttons I pressed), a couple of people offered to help me through the entire process.

They couldn’t speak a lick of English, but we managed with my feeble attempts at French.

Washing Machine2

Our laundry, all stuffed snuggly inside that machine (no easy task).

Okay, so that door was really hard to close. It hooks on this metal latch, and I spent a good minute or so trying to get that stupid door closed. Before long, the man who had helped me earlier started chuckling behind me (again, at my pitiful attempts at completing the most rudimentary of tasks) before he demonstrated for me with ease. Oy vey.
Washing Machine3
You pay for everything at this central station here, where you type in the number of the machine you’re using, insert your money, and the machine automatically starts running.

Doing your laundry here is fairly expensive. It costs 4 € for the washing machine and 2 € for the dryer. So yeah… we won’t be doing laundry very often.

On a random note, check out the interesting building I passed on my way home!


Next time I go to the laverie, I’ll be a pro. I hope.





  1. cjrvangelder says:

    That does look complicated. You are more daring that me, I would have checked it out without laundry, and probably started doing a lot of hand washing! So nice that people are willing to help out.

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