January 2016 Update!

I have not kept up with blogging very well lately. I’m back to work at two part-time jobs, and also back to school part-time. In my spare time I tend to do a lot of crafting, or else spend quality-time with David, which does not leave much room for writing.

To recap, here’s what’s been going on over the last four weeks or so.

I organized a Star Wars event at my library branch, which was super fun and successful. I managed to rope David into dressing up (with very little effort, I might add. I think he was more than mildly interested in dressing up as Darth Vader), along with my colleague (who wasn’t even supposed to be working that day!) and we put off a really fun story time, craft event, and scavenger hunt. We even made it into the local newspaper!

*Bottom two right pictures taken by Adam Martin-Robbins for the Economist and Sun*
*Bottom two right pictures taken by Adam Martin-Robbins for the Economist and Sun*

David and I have also been to Carleton Place twice – once for Christmas and again for New Years (we had to drive back to Toronto in between as I had to work). We had a great time with family; we played a lot of board games and ate a lot of food. Nothing better.

Christmas Collage
Huge thanks to my sisters-in-law for these great pictures. Thanks Laura & Sarah! 🙂

I got a sewing machine for Christmas (WOO!), the Singer Stylist 7258. So far I’m loving it. The first thing I did after receiving it was ask to go to a nearby quilting store. So now I’ve started on my first-ever quilt! I chose a fairly simple pattern, the Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs, to start me off. We visited The Pickle Dish in Carleton Place. The ladies were super helpful! I’ve done a fair amount of rotary cutting, and will likely start piecing over the weekend. Or sooner, if I can’t resist waiting…


I’m back to school this month, too. In case you didn’t know, I’m working towards my Masters of Library and Information Science through the University of Alberta (they have an online program). So far I’m really enjoying it, though I must admit that one of my courses this term seems rather dry and boring…

I’m not really into New Year Resolutions, but I’ve been checking out a lot of cookbooks from the library lately in an effort to re-join the healthy-eating bandwagon. I posted while in Europe that I found it a lot easier (and less wasteful) to go grocery shopping every couple of days. Now that I’m back to Toronto, though, this simply isn’t feasible. Sigh. We do walk down the road to get fresh bread from Emma’s Country Kitchen, though (they have the best bread around!). I’d like to get into baking my own bread again, but priorities! Check out the books I’m currently flipping through! I’ve made several recipes from The Soup Sisters Cookbook (this is probably my 5th time checking this book out… I should probably buy it).

Books I'm Reading

I’ve been working on a couple knitting projects as well. I’m currently halfway through a Snow Storm Cowl for a friend; I’ve also started a new project for David called Pop Rock Men’s Vest. Despite having still not finished his socks… We knitters need to have multiple projects going at a time or it just gets boring, am I right?

I’ve started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand for my Thursday Evening Book Club that I moderate (and participate in) at my branch. No opinions to share just yet, but I’ll write a review later!

David and I are in the process of planning a trip to Fredericton, New Brunswick to visit our friends; we’re also headed to Florida in February. Later this year we hope to visit with our friends from Austria, one way or another. It’s so hard having your best friends living in different parts of Canada, or the world. I guess that’s how it is these days.

So, it’s only been 12 days since the start of the New Year, but I can tell it’s going to be a good one already. Likely with some unexpected bumps in the road (isn’t that always the way?), but good all the same.


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