It’s Never Boring at the Library!

In case you don’t already know, I work part-time at a public library in Ontario, Canada! This Saturday was a very busy day, but today was quiet and calm. I love those days when there is only the hum of the computers and the sound of someone turning to the next page of their book. But I also enjoy those days that are full of activity. The days when there are Legos spilling onto the floor, blocks falling over as a castle gets too tall, toddlers playing with little dolls and trucks, adults crowded in the lounge reading their favourite book in squishy and vibrant orange armchairs, familiar faces coming to say hello, teens asking about the Divergent series, and a little girl who really needs to pee but can’t find Mommy. And then we’re on a mission to find Mommy before it’s too late…

Of course there are bad days. Vomit, urine, spilled drinks, and people with red faces who like to spit and shout. But thankfully all of these things happen very rarely.

Then of course there are training days. This week I’ll be attending two full days of sessions about storytime delivery. We’ll talk about things like early literacy practices, practical presentation skills – body language, voice, delivering early literacy messages, and managing delicate situations – and share anecdotes and lessons about delivering the best storytime for both children and parents.

We were asked to bring our favourite stories, rhymes and songs with us to share with others who are participating in the workshop. I’ll be bringing two books by Shel Silverstein – Everything On It and Where The Sidewalk Ends for my rhymes. I also have The Red Hen by Rebecca Emberley and Superworm by Julia Donaldson.

These kinds of training days are always fun and educational. There are so many different kinds of people working at the library, it’s hard not to learn something! There are those that went to school to be engineers and doctors but decided to go into library work instead; those who were once primary and elementary school teachers; and there is one who was once a TV host in China! And still others who have traveled the world and decided on Canada, only to settle in a little library in Ontario.

Well, it’s going to be a busy week ahead with lots to do and places to go, so I better get to it!


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